Winter garage and BSA

Ready for the coming season

Roy can’t wait for better weather with his Can Am ready for 2023.

He sent in this picture which he titled 750 BSA twin, good for 122mph out of the box. I am no expert but is does look like an A65 to me but then I could be wrong.

An A65, well, I think everyone changed the handlebars during ownership. You see, when buying a bike in that era, we always said, “that will look great with a change of handlebars”. which you did and then found all the chuffing cables were the wrong length!
The A70, which was the 750 twin
This was for sale on the net, listed as an A65 with DEVIMEAD 750CC conversion.
Hum, to me that looks like an A70 which was 750 as standard.

All very confusing, but going back to Roy’s it could be a 750 in an A65, I will say it looks nice.

So why all this about BSA, well they are back building bikes, with the website all up and running they have a dealer network set up also. Dave (Mr BSA) will be lucky enough to have a dealer in March ( town, not month) .

BSA Gold Star 650. Single.

The first thing I would want to change would not be the handlebars but the fuel tank. Not because of looks, but the fact it only holds 12 litres, it is not only BSA, manufacturers of today are generally fitting smaller capacity fuel tanks.

BSA motorcycles BSA Motorcycle Company Official Website | BSA Motorcycles UK (

Anyhow, this 650 single I am pretty sure would make a good sidecar tug, with the added bonus of a proper frame to aid fitting. I guess it will not be much longer before we se one chaired up.