Sidecar Easy Riders

Its Friday the 16th of September and we are visiting the LANDS OF THE SAXONS

Loddon with the   cossack-owners-club: HOME

Phil of Oxford the only owner of this Dnepr for the last 43 years.

The “Saturday Ride Out” by Paul of Loddon takes us to the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum

Saturday afternoon a walk along the River Chet – Loddon to Hardley Cross – BroadsNet

A Hungarian Lady rider out for day ride paid us a visit.

The following weekend to the North West

Little Langdale tin the Lake District.

Camping in the Duddon Valley in the Lake District with the MZ Riders Club.

On my way home now and at the FORD at Hawes however DROUGHT CONDITIONS still prevail with very little water for us poor Brits.

AA Box 442.

Bye for now from the Sidecar Easy Riders.