BMW Llandovery Mid-Week

A pair of oldie’s

A pair of chairs.

They come in all shapes and sizes, the BMW GS

A very nice looking K75

Another 3 cylinder machine, this time a Rocket 3

Some more non BMW machines

Another item that will get chucked in the bin because of the faff ” A wine aerator”. It was tested by the top Sidecar Wine Tasting team, the only thing good about is was the noise it made when pouring the wine through it, sounds like a long wet fart. So needless to say, lots of laughs. May be a reason for not throwing in the bin then.

A pair of Lukins or out of date May Flowers.

We can recommend the May Flower Chinese takeaway in Llandovery.

Another GS but in the 700cc parallel form.

Couple of site shots of the gathering. Wot, no tin tents!

The R Ninety.

A proper K, so everyone gets told.

Not a proper K, but a Banana K. OK.