On the Dole mid-week camp

Mid-week camping seems to be e new covid vogue for 2021 events and to qualify you must have these fine attributes. Being on the Dole/Gardening leave/Government Furlough Scheme/or like me being OAP motorcyclist. Very different this campsite because it comes with its own mini Stonehenge.

The campsite of “Standing Stones”.

This was a BARN FIND and now back on the road again.

Mystery sidecar was a Mitzi – Old Bike Mart

Looking very good after its restoration.

Riding into Brompton looking for store that sells milk for my morning cereals.

Brompton village ford.

Just after mid-day we are in Hartlepool and with a possible new recruit for the Royal Navy? 

HARTLEPOOL | National Museum of the Royal Navy

Seeking SOLITUDE in the HEADS.

Ho dreaming for being a SHIPWRIGHT in Royal Navy.

Next a bit a scuffle and Phil was The Press Gang – YouTube and was last herd muttering l have been KAPOOR again!!!! In Hartlepool a very famous a incident that happen at the time of NELSON

The Hartlepool Monkey – The Fettlers – YouTube

Friday, we departed our Standing Stones campsite and the PAGANS moved in for Summer Solstice.

        Bye for now from the standing stones.