More engine than pushchair.

After missing 2 years because of covid the Hobgobin Club was able to hold their annual rally.

If it wasn’t for the dumb bells in the box, left-handers would be interesting and right-handers, well you could always try and get ya knee down.

Awards a plenty

Back on the field.

Pic by Shark “The Brummie Chimp” .

Award winning monkey more like…

Over the last two years the all had been updated.

Award winning outfit no more, but it will be once it gets a red flash, flames and a go faster stripe……

All mod…..cons.

Guttering for the light or special wind deflector?

. I wonder, is the owner a long distance relative of Geoffrey..

May be there could be a new club, called… “The Sidecar Owners Practical Modification Club”

Don’t want to tow a trailer, get a bigger rack. It means you can use lane 3 or in the case of more than 3 lanes, the outside lane of the motorway and don’t have to pay extra for a trailer on the Ferry.

Mortgage required if you want one of these now.

Did I here someone shout “Free Ice Cream outside”

Lastly, pic sent in by the Shark.

Leg Over throws her hat in to be PM. She even has her own seat for Parliament.