Engine and Pushchair

“You’ve got bird shyt on Ya sidecar” “It went that way Chris, I will get a tissue” ” don’t be daft, it will be miles away by now”

Pete keeps it going and going and going, a well used rig.

Mark has sorted the battery and charging issue, fitted a new bike to the chair.

A sort of either you love e’m, or hate e’m chair. But on a cold wet day suddenly like the Martello they become appealing.

Should there be one on the sidecar with “Think, Chair Attached” for when riding down narrow lanes.

Seen on our stroll down to the Wharf along the canal for a pint and a bite to eat.

Like the XJ,s not the most economical bike, but Diviy’s go on forever.

Box of electrical spares, box of bolts, box of those bits ya never going to need, spare diff, box of bearings, spare sidecar fittings, string, wire, seals, tape. OMG Ann we have forgot the fruit bowl!

Best club turnout.

Linda, minus Ted – longest distance award.

Best outfit, even though the indicators are being held on with tape! They fell off on the why to the rally, apparently quite normal for a Guzzi so I was told by 2 Guzzi owners.

Alan and Val accepting the award for best outfit. For authentication, the picture is naturally blurred as that is what you feel like when you arrive after riding the Guzzi to a rally.