Ginsters Home of the Cornish Pasty

With the Hippo Rally cancelled plan B was brought into operation, especially as the weather was so good for the weekend. I will start of with a few pictures of the run-out destination I had planned for our distant traveller and his report will follow and the a few more pics. Sid

The campsite, the view was great at 1000ft up.
Corporal Jones still on duty at the museum.
The new hanger.
I think smoking is a bit risky.

l left home at 05.30am and arrived in Callington. Cornwall at 13.00pm in the town of

Ginsters – From The Home of Great Pasties – YouTube

The BMW Hippo Rally had to be CANCELLED because of the DREADED LURGY. So, Sid Carland of Somerset, said let’s find a local campsite for the weekend

Our Sid in TROPICAL Cornwell.

Our campsite (KIT HILL) was once owned by the 

The Duchy of Cornwall: Home seems we are now very REAL ROYAL campers!

Time for stroll after a long ride to the next village of Kelly Bray

Our Somerset SID meets up with a not so LOCAL LAD in the PUB for a Cornish Happy Hour.

On our way back to the campsite the SUN is setting over Bodmin Moor.

That evening we dine in the Engine House Restaurant | Compton Park, Callington, Cornwall and by 20.00pm SLEEP is needed for the weary sidecar traveller.

After a very COSY night in my tent we ride next morning direction to the 

Hurlers Stone Circles | English Heritage

Sid practicing his HURLING SKILLS!!

Just like   Poldark | Trailer – BBC – YouTube

Then our ride takes us to Davidstow Moor and it museum

RAF Davidstow Moor – Wikipedia

A Wren in WHITES brings back fond memories of my 14 years in the WAVY NAVY.

Royal Naval Reserve – Wikipedia

 Pusser’s Rum: Royal Navy Rum made to the Admiralty’s …

Motorcycling in 1944. 

HMAS Melbourne Gannets – YouTube

Seems to be PARTY TIME in the Officers Mess.

Three x EAST ENDERS also came up from the SMOKE for a PASTY or two.

Bye for now from Cornwall. Michael

We did bump into some of Mark’s old girl friends, plus there where some there that we had to be introduced to as they were not there the last time I visited. Sid

The bar was open.
Wow look at the size of the …..Cake.
What a lovely pair of … decanters.
One of Mark’s old girl friends.
The new tattoo parlour.
In those days Cigarettes was the norm.
Back on site
Every bike was a BMW.
Michael on the moor.
Cannington by night from the campsite.

A cracking weekend and a cracking campsite. Sid