Watchet blue moon

Now we know what a Monkey is for, hanging out the washing and washing up bowl.

Lesley’s holiday’s fell right this year and we could go early to Watchet, I remember the day when I would turn up on a Wednesday and be the only one there, not anymore, some must have left their tents there ready as I swear they were still in the same spot as last year! There was some moon thing going on so I took a picture.

All of those cranes are Hinckley Point C, “Big Carl” is the largest land based crane in the world

Pete didn’t bring his Ariel but opted for his Wing for the ride down from Yorkshire.

Woe is me; Mark’s satnav fell off in Worle high street, unfortunately someone had run over it before he could retrieve it.

Ian and Jan turned up early Friday morning, some excuse about it tipping it down at Bristol on the Thursday.

The Burgers and Bangers cooking team. The sausages were spot on this year the best I have tasted for a long time.

It’s wine o’clock time.