Halloween in North Yorkshire

On the last Friday in October l am on the road to North Yorkshire and just south of York l am taken back to the year 1066 AD 

 Battle of Fulford – Britons, Saxons & Vikings

To the west of York another yet another battle site.

  War Gallery: Battle of Marston Moor – YouTube

It’s the time of the HALLOWEEN for the MZ Riders near Northhallton. MZ Riders seam to thrive on the   The 7 Elements In Practice – tantra


 The weather forecast for Saturday was RAIN & MORE RAIN for most of the day so the RUN OUT was cancelled. So Phil and l took a 3 mile stroll into Northhallton and found the Opening Northallerton’s refurbished Buck Inn | By Rishi SunakWe sat down at TABLE 90 and to my right was this photo hanging on the wall 

 Gertrude Bell on BBC One – YouTube

  Queen of the Desert (International Trailer) – YouTube

 Northhallaton High Street we meet these STROLLING MINSTRELS 

  Conquest Living History Society

Phil learning about the craft/art of the FLETCHER.

Saturday afternoon and the weather becomes much dryer for our return walk back to the campsite.

A great CURRY from our resident CHEF/LANDLORD Glen also a great thank you to Andrew & Paul for this “Creme de la creme” weekend. However, the SIDECAR BAR did take some moving Sunday morning seems to have taken ROOT into the ground? must have been the ABUNDANCE of the SPIRITUS!!!

Sunday morning in the village of Brompton and great to see WATER again in the FORD after the DROUGHT.

  Battle of the Standard – Wikipedia

  Bye for now from North Yorkshire.