The Hedingham Sidecar

Keith Walsh at the Suffolk Rally

The Workshop

The “Unit” mounting system.

BMW GS’s they even went around in pairs well before Ewan and Charlie!

The prototype Hedingham XL; the year 1983

Keith’s “Asphalt Animal”

Denis’s GT750 at Foxton Locks 1988

The “Blue Max”  leaving Unit Sidecars in 1988

CBR1000 with Hedingham in 1989

The Honda CBX 6cyl with SS Hedingham

The same sidecar, but now attached to an FJ1200

Denis’s Pan in the Unit workshop.

and the finished outfit at a Split Lincs and Cambs Sidecar Club Rally

November 1993, the SS outfit was briefly owned by the late Bob (Rebo) Jackson

Stuart, who you can see checking the width! With his Z1300 and XL

 XJ900 with Hedingham in 1990

VMax and XL at the West Country Camp in 1992

Keith’s Thunderbird and SS at the FED Rally in 1995

BMF Show 1999

Bob’s (Rebo) Kawasaki at the rear.

More from recent yearsSilver Ball day meet

Treble 444 Rally

At the Sliver Ball

at Lord Stones with a few modifications by Stuart

Scout Site at March

Both Outfits owned by John
above at Lord Stones and below his latest at Netherwasdale
The Hedingham Aspire

GS and ETH at Slimbridge

again at Slimbridge, a brace of ETH’s

A much modified Guzzi and Single Seat at Watchet

A happy Val in Alan’s Outfit at Slimbridge

VMax and Hedingham at Lords Stones, the bike is now owned by Sidecar John and now has an RX4 attached.

Ken’s Outfit minus the front mudguard which you can see near his tent.

At the Fenland Rally

The Hedingham Gem, note the hinges and opening has moved forward and lower compared to the standard XL seen below .

Taller screen, lower entry, and on a flat bed chassis.

I believe Martin’s was the first lift up front model made.

I doubt very much if this was mounted by Unit Sidecars, note the fittings

The Late Bill Heffer with his BMW LT and Single Seat Hedingham.

Yes, from out of the Hedingham workshop. A Rocket 3 open hearse.

back at Lord Stones, the classic lines of the XL. I believe I have a picture somewhere showing a row of Triumphs all attached to Hedinghams all in red, except for one which was in yellow, but I can’t find it.

Final picture is of “The Flying Banana”