BMW Lakes Rally

The view of our campsite for the weekend, not very busy which was nice. In the top picture you can just see the sea.

Note; Carolyn and Charlie use the bridge, Dave tests his boots.

Early morning view from the tent.

Next day I suggested a walk to a different pub The Bridge Inn at Stanton Bridge Great pub with superb beer but the walk there; well just look at the signs.


They just need to keep moving and spread out so they are not a easy target…….

Now, I warned them, Armed Police are one thing, but Unpredictable armed police is worrying…..

The owner of this trailer doesn’t seem to worry, or have they been shot by “Unpredictable Armed Police” !

Anyhow, we made it to the pub with no incidents although back on site, one tent had blown down and another had a broken pole as Keith had popped down to the pub to tell us. Apparently, there was a gust of wind that whipped through the site. Lucky for us, none of us was the owner of the tent that had blown down. So what better to do than get another pint.

We decided on a different route back to camp, it was a wee bit more up hill in places.

All in all a great little event, superb host, plus a fantastic pub and micro brewery just a short 5 min walk from the site.

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