BMW Lakes Rally

Setting off in the early hours of the morning, with only a handful of vehicles on the road it was amazing that someone spotted the Flying Banana on the A1 heading north at 3:30am and posted it on Facebook. Travelling at that time in the morning is actually pleasant, not being stuck behind a lorry in the outside lane doing 56mph overtaking another on the inside lane doing 55.5mph , then the one that is overtaking finding he is now in the head wind (as he was in the slipstream of the one on the inside lane) drops down to 55mph. At this point the one on the inside lane then creeps ahead of the one that was overtaking on the outside lane so the one that is in the outside lane finally drops back behind the one he was trying to overtake! How many times do we see this, queues of vehicles being held up for miles by, in all honesty, inconsiderate professional drivers. Anyhow at 3:30 traffic wasn’t an issue, but the light in the dash going out was, as I couldn’t see my fuel gauge, a swift tap and hey presto, fuel gauge light back working, speedo light goes out. I can live with that, just look at satnav if I need to know what speed I am doing.

I arrived at Nether Wasdale for breakfast, pitched the tent, sorted everything and got my head down for a kip around 11am. Then some inconsiderate retired person had the audacity of turning up early afternoon and waking me up, unbelievable don’t they know us poor workers keep them in their pension money.

Anyhow I can forgive him as he does bring decent wine to share, unlike some who simply bring a “wine based drink”.

Keith, as always, had everything set up, marque with tea and coffee, biscuits etc. Once wine-o’clock arrived (4pm) it was time for the Thursday arrivals to gather in the marquee and consume various bottles of wine before beer-o’clock arrived, somewhere between 5:30 and 6pm at which point we headed down to “The Strand”. With a brewery behind the pub the beer is excellent, but it was noted that there appeared to be a new person in charge who gave the impression that he gave you the privilege to be there and not a privilege to have you there, that aside, the pub and other staff were fine and the food and beer very good.

Friday and Keith kept asking had anyone been to the BMW Club AGM, was he still in post, had there been a coup (pronounced Kew if you are from the Fenlands) anyhow I vote for Keith as there was free soup and rolls which were most welcome after someone suggested we took a walk to the top of a hill in the rain and gale force winds.

Arrow is the campsite
Keith’s Outfit

Once again it was then wine-o’clock, beer-o’clock etc. etc. Saturday, a little bit of dry weather and a sensible walk this time across the fields and along the river ending up in “The Screes” which has the same owner as the Strand, even though they use the beer from the same brewery behind the Strand they have different beers on fromm those in the Strand. Saturday afternoon back at the marquee,

Keith had a cake for us to celebrate 31 years of the BMW sidecar register plus awards for best outfit, (Dave’s Rocket 3 and Oxford) and longest distance, (The Flying Banana). Keith had also arranged a room down the pub for us all to have a meal in the evening. It was a shame the weather wasn’t a little more kind to us over the weekend, as the ride up and home was fine, just a little damp in-between.

As always I thank Keith for all his hard work and arranging a super event at a very good campsite, in a lovely area and within staggering distance of two decent pubs.