About Us

Tri-Anglia Wheels formed in late 2006 after the first T.D.M ( Terry, Dickie and Martyn) Rally held at Hallaton in February of that year. Basically we wanted an early winter sidecar event, a simple winter camping get together for a few pints, a bit of grub and to talk bull with a few of our regular friends and other hardy souls of the sidecar fraternity, to start the year off.

It was well attended so we ran another later in the year and it was decided to form a club with Rebo coming up with the name of Tri-Anglia Wheels. Tri stands for how many wheels on an Outfit and Anglia is the region loosely based on East Anglia.

We are an active club, in the sense we love to tour and camp, attend rallies and shows etc. as you will see from the articles on the website. As well as owning and riding a sidecar Outfit a few of us have solos and use them from time to time, some more regularly than others. We are a friendly bunch and if you wish to join the club:- You must own and ride a sidecar, attend one of our events.

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