Sidecar Soiree Hallaton 2010

It was all smiles at the Sidecar Soiree

Martin popped in on a day visit with his Suzuki 1400 special.

pictures by Martyn, Mick and Two Cakes 

If I had to pick a best outfit for the event this would be it. Lovely BMW Boxer and Stieb

Wow, want a turn out. The Sidecar Soiree attendance, including the day visitors was somewhere between 50 and 60 units, as we don’t charge or record the number of day visitors we can’t provide an accurate figure, but we are certain it was the biggest turn out so far.

It does seem that sidecarrists like drinking tea and coffee with over 40 pints of milk being used it gives you a rough idea of how much tea and coffee was consumed. In the village on the Saturday afternoon there were creams teas available with many taking a cream tea break while completing the treasure hunt. Other headed to the pub for a couple of pints. The pub did a good trade with many having a meal, everyone commented on how good the food was.

This year we could have called it the International Soiree with sidecarists attending from France and Ireland. The selection of sidecars was very diverse and varied which was great to see.

All the normal took place, Breakfast Sandwiches, Hot Dogs and the Fish and Chip van for the food along with quizzes for the adults and children, treasure hunt and run-out.

The run-out was to the Gliding Centre at Husbands Bosworth, where a national gliding competition was taking place, unfortunately due to the low cloud base only 2 or 3 gliders took to the air.

The run-out returned a little earlier than originally planned but this did mean that more time was available to complete the treasure hunt. We have heard that one of the gliders taking part in the competition, crashed, causing power failure to several homes. The pilot was seriously injured and currently in hospital.

There was one quiet period on the Saturday, this was when everyone was eating their fish and chips. The chip van is very popular and with the food always being good, with big portions it is not hard to see why.

Grand Prix time on the Saturday and we can safely say that the adults made more noise than the children did when taking part in their respective races. The children’s Grand Prix was won by Harry, with Lizzie, Katie and Jade runners up. The adults Grand Prix, a somewhat noisy affair, was won by Del, with Paul, Jak and Pauline runners up. The children’s quiz was won by Harry and Matthew, the adults quiz was won by the Parsons and the treasure hunt was won by the Bus Pass Cruisers after a tie break question.

Once again the atmosphere was superb, this is down to all who attended and made a good event a great event. We hope those who attended had a good time and hope to see you again at the Soiree next year and lastly we would like to thank all who helped over the weekend.

The Wheels Team