Jersey in April

Its only 1 hour 30 mins from Saint Malo,France to Jersey in the Channel Islands a place of occupation and liberation and seems too linger in the islands DNA.

My very first visit was with the Royal Naval Reserve on a Minesweeper to Your Island Adventure Starts Here | Alderney HolidaysVisit Then a second time with my late Father to  Visit Guernsey: The Islands of Guernsey | Guernsey Holidays

Also an island of fortifications this one a Watchtower from WW2. With its famous SPUDS.

NSU 251 cc 4 stroke OHV.

Underground Hospital Jersey: Photos of Hohlgangsanlage 8

The SIDECAR PLOUGH can be seen at Pallot Steam, Motor & General Museum Trinity JerseyMont Orgueil/castle.

. “A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a… – BBC Learning English

Its Friday and at about 13.00pm waiting at the Ferry Terminal for the sailing to Poole UK when we are told that the ferry was CANCELLED and the next ferry will be on the Sunday!!! What to do ???


St.Martin  A place for great sea food.

.It seems FATE wants me to linger a while longer.

Only on Jersey are you allowed ride a high-capacity motorcycle on learner plates.

Bye for now from the Island of Jersey.