2021 Yeti Hunt

On Friday the 10th Dec l find myself lingering in cafe in Llangurig when l am SPOTTED by the MZ Riders Glen, Dave & Andrew and we then continue our journey together along the A44 direction Aberystwyth. However, coming towards us are LOTS of BLUE LIGHTS Police Motorcycle outriders & Police Cars plus two Land Rovers. (Later in the pub that night we are told it was HRH)

Prince Charles opens Aberystwyth University’s new School of …

Does this now mean that the MZ Riders will now receive the Royal Warrant Holders Association   ???? Perhaps not so BACK to my DAY JOB of putting up a TENT in a HALE-STORM!!

Welcome to Wales and the Yeti Hunt 2021.

Jawa & sidecar

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The  Teifi Inn – Home | Facebook

This is our REFUGE for the next two nights and the doors open at 16.00pm. The only food on the pub menu for this Friday evening is a WELSH CHRISTMAS DINNER! The reason fort this is that a local LADIES CHOIR is having a Christmas Party at the pub. Yes, l did enjoy my Christmas Dinner however by 20.00pm the BOOZE is starting run out at the pub!! l wonder why???

Saturday morning and it’s not very real Californian weather!!

Eagles – Hotel California (Lyrics) – YouTube

Quite SQUIDGY under foot on our campsite.

Time for a PARK AND RIDE DAY leave the bikes on the campsite and go by bus, however us English OAPs must pay our English BUS PASSES are invalid in Wales.

 Storm Ciara Aberystwyth.4K. – YouTube at the seafront on a good day.

We did find a WELSH SANTA and one in our party said he must be a cousin to MZ HARRY.

  Vale of Rheidol Railway

Time for a morning coffee at the Electra MotoGear – Home | Facebook

A toast to our EXPEDITION LEADER ROBIN for the organisation of the Yeti Hunt 2021.

Bye for now and year perhaps we need a helicopter.

Evidence of the Yeti | National Geographic – YouTube