Falling Apples and Cossacks

A village famous for FALLING APPLES.

Must be Friday again and we are on the road.

In Rutland for the Cossack Owner Club AGM.

In our midst we have a member ordained Vicar Father Allen of Norfolk he rides a Ural & outfit with 18 inch wheels and the rear inner tube was SHREDDED !!And guess who had a spare 18 inch inner tube ?

Saturday morning and ALL HANDS to tyre changing which turned out to be very very warm HOLY work! Does this now mean that l am a LAY Tyre Fitter to the Church of England?

Looks like it was hot work, Michael the tyre fitter has removed his jumper and hat!

(Question for Maureen H. am l higher up the PECKING ORDER that a LAY Bell Ringer?)

The Saturday run and the lunch stop was at this place.

The Welcome Cafe Melton Mowbray at Hollands Nurseries

Waiter service was provided by BATMAN.

Kickstart time for a young 80-year-old gentleman.

A breakdown will it be safe to leave?

Yes, they are flying the correct FLAG.

Now riding in COMFORT in a Ural sidecar.

Yet another breakdown which was FIXABLE only needed a fuse.

I like the brown patina.

For those of you that like THUMPERS a 2 stroke one.

50 years this year for the C.O.C..

Sunday morning time to ride for home and on the way stop at the place. Home of Sir Isaac Newton & THE Apple Tree – YouTube

Bye for now and remember an apple a day keeps the Doctor away.

Or as Sid says; eating the wrong apple a day keeps you regular.