FORCE TENT wind/rain & pestilence

Saturday the 8th of Jan l meet up with Steve for our ride to the Force Ten Rally in the county of William Shakespeare Warwickshire.

The riding conditions are DIRE with wind/rain & pestilence with now over 150,000 deaths from the plague in the UK. However, we must still try and keep the WHEELS TURNING in 2022.

RISING DAMP PREVAILS on the pub lawn 

Steves not a GREAT FAN of CAMPING in GLORIES MUD! so, we are only day riders. 

0:21 Little Red Tractor – Glorious Mud: DVD Trailer (2005) YouTube · MediaHallway

BSA parking.

    Disabled Motorcycle & trike Riders Aids & adaptions.

  Whitewall Tyres – Vintage White Wall Tyres – Longstone …

Special photo for MZ Glen.


The pub motorcycle Parc Ferme. 

Fitted by  On the road.   rider & outfit live in Dorset.

Must be time for lunch on the canal at a pub Pub | The Blue Lias Inn | Stockton

Bye for now from the Force Ten Rally 2022.

Foot note from Sid; Back in 2014 it was also a wee bit damp!

So that year I went on a walking pub crawl.