Watchet Camping Weekend

ER5 workhorse, work in progress as the owner said.

Our first mission was a trip to Contact Us – Quantock Brewery We also had time this year to have a good look at the museum at West Somerset Railway – The longest Heritage Railway in England. ( a lot of work has taken place and it is a credit to the volunteers that have done all the work.

Glad I don’t have to wear these uniforms.

A new route into Watchet via Well Obsessed | St Decumans Holy Well Watchet

It might be Holy Water, but I wouldn’t drink it……….

Watchet, St Decuman’s Church | Somerset Heritage Guide (

One thing you can guarantee, if you visit pubs and drink beer at some point you will need to visit the loo, here is what I found on the walls. I am not saying which or what pub, you will just have to go and find out for yourself.