Mew Year Day Pilgimage

Since Christmas Eve and my sidecar breakage which was finally completed on New Year’s Eve and was the final moment for the DISENTANGLEMENT?

Must be time for a toast!

Russian Tsar Hurrah – YouTube  (Very special request for Maureen the “Bell Ringer”)

New Year’s Day 2021 is a RAW 3 centigrade in my part of the world for my pilgrimage ride.

Beeley Moor snow & ice.

  Eyam plague: The village of the damned – BBC News –

Now we have left the EU will the UK.GOV bring back the STOCKS?

Eyam Museum: Home

Just a melting SNOWMAN to keep me company for my lunch time picnic stop at Mompesson’s Well

  This is Brewtopia – YouTube (Special request for Kiwi TT Rider Paul)

DRUNK from a South Yorkshire Sidecar Club MUG and the CHRISTMAS CAKE made by Kiwi Bridget.

11.The source of the well at my picnic site.

Another local source of fluid  Eyam Brewery: Home (Special request for Mendip Martyn)

 My kind of road.

After now 9 months of covid 19 in the UK l can now TRULY RELATE to Eyam of 1665-1666.

Also greatly looking forward to my NHS National call up papers arriving for my appointment to have

the JAB in 2021.

Wishing you ALL a very safe and healthy 2021 from Eyam Derbyshire.