COLIN SEELEY a booklet review

by  Roy  and  Chris

I ordered this booklet on Colin Seeley through Mortons’ Books.  This is a brief history of his life and achievements.

Colin passed his motorcycle test at the second attempt on his father’s HRD Series A Rapide with a sidecar.  On leaving school he worked at a motorcycle shop and subsequently started running his own business at the age of twenty.  He started off-road racing and later progressed to road-racing on an outfit, at which he was very successful.  He also became a motorcycle manufacturer in his own right.

As the booklet is only 50 pages long I will not tell you any more about it, but it makes for an interesting read.

Colin also wrote his autobiography in 2 parts.  I checked on the internet with a view to buying one of these books, but found that they are a little more expensive than I would usually spend on a book.