Hippo, Cows, Cheese and Gin

The sidecar section.

The scooter section.

Thursday afternoon and Wine O’clock, then it was beer O’clock down the pub and then back for Gin O’clock, needless to say a few were somewhat under the weather the next day but it was a right cracking Thursday, anyhow they were back in the land of the living on Saturday — just.

Friday and we tackled the

We came across this fix’er upper, nothing that a lick of paint would sort.

Lots of cows must be the Arla Creamery. so we visited the onsite shop

The lady rider suffered starting issues, a push soon got it going.

A few of the solos attending.

One of those six cylinder things with all kinds of gizmos, note the crash bars front and rear, I bet the replacement plastic isn’t cheap.

First frost of the year on Sunday morning, it was a chilly pack up to say the least.

Back home in the warm, with my Cornish Yarg (a nettle wrapped semi hard cheese made from grass rich Cornish milk) and Curworthy Chipple (a mature mild cheese with spring onion and chives) both go well with pickled gherkins.

Many thanks to the BMW western section once again for all their hard work arranging another cracking weekend.