What does it cost for an MOT and what class does an Outfit fall under

Class 1 Motorcycles with a sidecar under 200cc

Class 2 Motorcycles with a sidecar over 200cc

(Definition of an Outfit per C&U regs is -Two wheeled motorcycle with sidecar attached)

Were do I find the MOT inspection manual?

Here are two good websites.

or you can find the offical MOT manual and notices here;

Inspections for motorcycle derived steering and suspension systems click on link and go to section 9

A PDF printable check list, use it to check your outfit before you take it to be MOT’ed


MOT Trailer Sockets fitted to Sidecar Outfits.

I was informed recently whilst MOTing my outfit that car MOT’s include the trailer electrical sockets. My MOT inspector had asked for clarification regards sidecars/bikes with trailers he was told that they were not at present included.

Kindly sent in by Alan.