The last week of April was a time of servicing the Mystic solo however things got a bit problematic when l decided to replace the rubber boot between the gearbox & swinging arm which means removing the rear wheel swing arm, final drive rear suspension unit, battery and battery box so l was a day late leaving for Wales. So, Saturday at 06.15 am l was on the road to South West Wales and the SAWWS MZRC Spring camp.

Honda NC 750 proving to very FRUGAL ref. MPG for sidecar use.

A trusty Triumph & box.

A proper Royal Enfield & electric starter.

This RE likes to go a roaming.

In the next field l notice this? Broad Haven UFO sightings marked 40 years on – BBC News Yes, we are in the WELSH TRIANGLE for UFOs sighting!!!

Time to party. Llandeilo Ukulele Band – Home | Facebook Cadence Acoustic Duo | Gig Heaven

Also in the same valley is THE TIPI VALLEY of FLOWER POWER PEOPLE/ HiPPIE MOVEMENT from the 1970s. Pilot Project: Tipi Valley (Interview with Rik Mayes) – YouTube

Sunday morning WELSH DAMPEST prevails and some of the rally-ist that are stopping until Monday help clear up after the Beer Festival.

For Sunday lunch l ride to  The Angel Inn Country Pub at Salem.

Some pubs are DOG friendly but this one is also BEAR FRIENDLY!!! Young sidecar passenger William & Dad meet the PUB BEAR!!

Young Williams sidecar.

After my pub lunch l take a ride to Talley. 

Talley Abbey – The Castles of Wales

A very big thank you to Welsh Mark & MZ Robin for organising this MAY WELSH CARNIVAL EXPERIENCE!!

 Bye for now from Cwmdu.