Midland SCC Camping weekend

Will not bother you with the joys of the M5, other than, no accidents, but, it was at a complete stand still North bound on Friday afternoon. At least I learnt a lot of new roads going East side of Bristol, lots of them single track…

I was met on arrival by the Guard Geese.

Both Munros, but note the differing hood design.

Watsonian Sidecars teamed up with Barbour to produce this exclusive Royal Enfield Classic 500/Grand Prix outfit in 2012. Fashion photographer and film maker Nick Clements was instrumental in the design.

The current owner sourced a set of India model alloy wheels and replaced the rear spoke wheel as the spokes kept breaking. Plus now he can fit tubeless tyres.

The run out

Has Stephen spotted a 5p on the floor? I have just had a thought…. at todays prices if you purchased 5p of petrol would it evaporate before it reached the tank…….

We decided to go for a walk with Dave, Carolyn and Charlie, well Dave had splashed out 25p on a local walk sheet and needed to get his moneys worth. We ended up at the I thought it was better than the pub in Aston Cantlow. The local beer was and went well with the super size ploughman’s.

And here is the Pub sign.

This was in the carpark, so I have included it for the campervan section.

I am sure there is an engine under here somewhere!

Sunday morning and the weather was only fit for Swans and Ducks, basically a very damp pack up in the rain.

It was a good low key Jubilee weekend, the beer was cheep in the club at £2.95 a pint and the site shop did hot home made pasties which were very nice.

TTFN Martyn