Sorebutts Eccentrics

Sidecar section at the Sorebutts Rally


Airhead GS

Some more GS’s, if they get any bigger, they will need to fitted with a reverse and step ladder.

One of those Can-am trikey things.

He tried to hide it under a big towel.

Looks all white. All the bells and whistles with more storage than my shed.

The baby BM, the 310.

Does my bum look big in this.

Now the next set of photos where taken on our walk to Combe Martin.

Nice colourful pussy.

Whatever are they thinking, a pink typewriter, how odd…in such a normal setting!

If I had my hedge cutter I would have offered to trim her bush.

Cracking views

Paul and Jan surveying the church, note the flag at half mast for the passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Hopefully mine will have arrived when I get home..