New York 2

New York Village hall is on the Langrick Road, New York near Lincoln. I was surprised to see an invite on my scooter club web site for a bike night at this hall in February, I felt this must be a mistake, however the invite came up again for March so I decided to ride there. The hall is a couple of miles down the same road as the Bubble Car Museum. They hold classic bike and car nights here; these are very popular during the summer months. The show started at 4-30 pm and goes on until dusk, I arrived just before 5 pm and was the first “bike” there and the day light was fading. A rider on a Honda 125cc complete with L plates followed me in.

The hall was fairly busy with people who had arrived by car. The kitchen staff were kept busy, serving up hot dogs, bacon rolls etc, there was a nice selection of cakes and hot and cold drinks all at very reasonable prices. Talking to one of the staff these classic car and bike nights have been held here for nearly 2 years. The profits from the shows are ploughed back to improve the venue.

About a dozen bikes turned up including a home-built trike, this will all change during the summer months the bike park will be full, the classic car owners have an even bigger parking space the other side of the hall. Talking to a staff member he told me that they were not certain about running these events during the winter, however they have been surprised at the response. Spare tables and chairs were brought in from a side room it was that busy.

About 6 pm a raffle was held, this was well supported, the two chaps sitting on my table won three prizes each; well done. After the raffle finished the caller said that something new for this year after the raffle, they are going to hold an auction of related period bike and car pieces. I pulled out just after 7pm and was surprised to see a Ural outfit parked by the door, I have seen this outfit before.

This is a nice evening out, the team at the hall are excellent, it does get busy during the summer months