Harold’s D Day Cafe

I recently spent a few days in Hunstanton, I popped in on the way there to North Runcton to see some relatives there. The campsite that we held our winter rallies at is still going. On one occasion at this rally Wolfgang and I went for a ride out on his Jawa outfit along the A 149 at Hunstanton we had a walk along the beach to look at the coloured cliffs there these are really impressive. We later continued the road following along the north coast, this interested Wolfgang being a boat owner we stopped at some of the towns and looked at the boats tied up. We had a really nice ride that day.

One of the other people on the campsite had spotted my outfit parked up in a cafe /farm shop on the A17 on my way to the rally. these were nice rallies and ones that I could get to, on my way home I dropped into another cafe on the A17 the two cafes are opposite each other. This is known as ” Harolds D Day Cafe” In 2014 I attended the Jawa/CZ owners club Diamond Anniversary rally here it was a great do. As I arrived Wolfgang and his friend Michael were on the way in a ride out to F2 motorcycles. The cafe has some lodges that you can stay in (prices in 2021 £55 a night this sleeps 3 people) I stayed in one of these. Some Jawa riders had travelled great distances to attend the rally. The lads in the next lodge if my memory is correct were from Holland, there was 4 of them and they won 5 awards. Wolfgang pitched his tent in a good spot he thought until the lorry engines parked up nearby started up in the middle of the night. The Dutch lads were really nice they had brought a load of beer with them and they did not want to take it home so being neighbourly I helped them out with their problem. I had a nice chat with Harold he well remembers this bike rally he was amazed at the distances the riders had ridden. The rally was top class well done.


This cafe has a military theme it has raised over £800,000 so far for our veterans and they have a new project on going at the moment. Both cafes do a large range of food and are well worth a visit. Harold’s one you will easily spot it’s not often that you are parking alongside a massive gun or a plane.