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France and the new clean air sticker.

British drivers heading to France are advised that driving without a sticker, called a Crit’Air vignette – which costs just €4.61 (including postage) per vehicle – makes them culpable for an on-the-spot fine of up to €135.

Although there were changes made in the summer of 2019, the French government has updated the Crit’Air Scheme for a post-pandemic era.

To make sure you’re as clued up as possible about all things Crit’Air before your trip to France, here’s everything you need to know.


The worlds first heated visor insert

Designed in the UK and produced in the West Midlands. The Visin heated visor insert should suit any helmet visor. It is powered by a multi-purpose, integrated power pack, the insert itself is completely clear which means it is legal for day and night time use.

The Visin visor insert has a conductive transparent coating allows electricity to pass across the film and instantly generate heat, the means it quickly clears any condensation and prevents any recurrence of further misting thus providing riders with a clear field of vision without the need to open the visor to increase airflow.

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Fitting Kit available for the Honda Rebel