Donnington Park Museum


A few weeks ago l was watching the local news Donington Collection Museum announces closure – BBC News

The closing date is the 4th November 2018, so on the last Sunday of October l was paying my £6 admission fee (half price deal) It’s a very long time since my last visit to this museum at the race circuit.

What really wanted to see was theIt’s which are now housed in the museum and must say that l was not disappointed with my visit.


BMW R75.

Sturmboot 39 outboard boot motor (VW water cooled for river & sea)

This Famo Halftrack just massive !

Trippel SG-Amphibiou vehicle and very rare.

Trippel Schwimmwagen SG6 1939 – YouTube

Moto Guzzi Alce 1939

Moto Guzzi 500 Super Alce Italian Army …

A Jeep that floats.

‘Amphibious Demons’ – Ford GPA Amphibious Vehicles II – YouTube

Citroen Kegresse.

Citroen Autochenille original film 1934 Mont Saint Michel – YouTube

  1. Harley Davidson XA with car type wheel rims

Harley Davidson Shaft Driven Motorcycles WW II – YouTube

Harley Davison XA & sidecar with M/C rims fitted, plus 2 x rifle holders and First Aid Kit

In rust we trust  BMW R75.

For the “Scooter Boys” the Cushman Airbourne .

Cushman (company) – Wikipedia

Racing GREEN.

Grand Prix Cars – Vanwall – Grand Prix History

This advertisement displayed on a 1970s racing car and about that time l  still had a FULL HEAD OF HAIR!

Cossack Hairspray – Horseman (1971, UK) – YouTube

Bye for now from a Cossack Rider.