Bubble Car Museum 2023

I was having a ride around the lanes when I realised that I was not far from the Bubblecar museum near New York in Lincolnshire. I like to get there every year; they always change a few exhibits during the winter months when the museum is closed. The museum opens on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as well as bank holidays starting before Easter.

This is a great museum; entry fee is £4 for adults and £1 for children. They have a café doing drinks and light snacks. The cafe now has central heating, very useful for those cold days; I sat near to the wood burning stove it was nice and warm. I had gone into the museum and I was just taking a photo of the scooter outfit, when a little voice said “what is that” pointing at the sidecar, his grandfather explained that it was a sidecar and you sat in it and off you went on a trip.

I don’t think that the lad or his brothers were over impressed, I did explain that sidecars were really good fun. There are lots of three wheelers to look at, as well as these, there are other exhibitions; some are room settings, the owners call these their “1950’s collections” lots of memories there.

In one corner they have a scrapyard display, Paula explained that here they put bits that they would not display elsewhere, I really like coming here I once owned a BMW bubblecar, sometimes they do rides out in their vehicles, I have been on three, see the web site for more details.

The museum is situated on a campsite so you could stop over if you wished, the campsite is open 24/7. I think that the Hedingham sidecar club held a rally here, and the South Yorkshire held a rally at their previous venue.

It is well worth a visit, for more details see