Mid week camp Llandovery

First week in July and was the BMW mid week event for the gainfully retired. Although some, well a few have yet to retired, but they are not far off.

Seen at the Owls Nest Tea Room and Diner. This new café has become a bikers meeting place, good value, good food and plenty of it. Cracking fry up and, as one of our party did, go for a cheese salad, you get one hell of a lot of cheese..

The Shark arrived on his Grim, oops, sorry Grom. Did you know it won the Motorcycle USA Motorcycle of the Year prize for 2014. It is well suited for touring with its long range comfort seat……………….

Ian and Jan are back on the road, if you see them, don’t mention the sidecar wheel bearing.

Lord Greystoke opted to bring his solo this year. At least his hair is back to a normal length and we didn’t get the shock of pimp my ride this year.

Bit of a theme going on.

Probably a lovely bike to ride, but I really don’t like the styling and what’s with the plastic things in front of the lights.

It’s big, I mean big. Give me 40 acres