2024 Wolds Run

by Roy    

Now, to start my Ninja, deactivate alarm, twist this nob, make sure in correct mode, green light, press red button, nothing; dam the kill switch is on….as for the other bike; choke, kick and twist.

This is a well-known  event to members of the ” Tri – Anglia Wheels Sidecar Club ” they often made a camping weekend of this ride out, the campsite was next  door and the village pub, was close by.  

This charity run out has been organised by the Skellingthorpe and District motorcycle club for several years now, the run is held at the Lincoln Aviation Heritage centre at East Kirkby.  The centre is an old war time air base and is home to “Just Jane ” a Lancaster bomber, this plane does taxi runs and sounds good with its four

Merlin engines running.  I was delighted on Saturday morning to see that it was not raining, I had a good ride there, and popped into the Naafi for a coffee and a cake.  Leaving the Naafi I walked out to look at the bikes the first one I saw was an outfit a Velocette and a Steib I thought, but the rear springs were wrong for a Steib the sidecar was a Garrard. 

In total I spotted three outfits, the Velocette plus an EZS and a BSA..  The run out started at 11-00 am with the first group leaving then; in the next group waiting to go I spotted Joss Bourne who ran the motorcycle section of the Swaton Show.  I was then seen by three members of Tri – Anglia Wheels club, we had a nice chat and wandered into the hanger with lots to see.  Often at these runs the Lancaster is out on display, one of the centre staff explained that something was not quite right with it, so it was left under cover.

 At these do’s you meet so many people that you know, it is great to catch up with them all.  One group I got talking to was the ” Robin Hood County Riders ” they promote historic motorcycle events, they had a fine display of racing bikes, including several Jawa / CZ’s a 1967 was the newest whilst a Royal Enfield from 1937 was the oldest. 

The Wolds run out covers about 50 miles around the county, with a break in the middle at a public house for refreshments if required. The riders get a very well written and clear route guide, the organisers felt nearly 400 riders took part this year.  Motorcycles of all ages, sizes and makes take part. 

Both ends of the scale so to speak, an old Scott and a brand new Harley. I guess nearly a century between them.

The aviation centre is well worth a visit you could spend a day here just looking at it. The event raises money to support the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance; Lincolnshire Emergency Blood Bikes Service and the Lincolnshire Aviation Centre.

and here is one for Pensioner Paul. Information on that handle near the seat. The handle is to operate the centre stand and was a standard fitting on the series D Vincents. This one has been retrofitted to a series C. When the stand is retracted, the handle lies just above the primary chain case. Rudge motorcycles used a similar idea in the thirties.

I will go again next year it is a great day out, well done to the organisers.