Early August Rides

For some reason MZ Riders like camping on the open WILD MOORS in Yorkshire.

New sidecar campers arrive.

Lady sidecar owner.

Male partners outfit.

Saturday evening in the pub we have FASHION PARADE of the SHIRTS.


Your SHIRT MODELS are from Yorkshire & Scotland.

Mid week l ride with Phil & we go on a BYNNZI CROSS HUNT.

  Chapel of Our Lady of the Crag, Knaresborough – YouTube

I receive a cordial  invite from a  Vincent HRD Owners Club member to attend a camping weekend in the county of Dorset.

When you own a motorcycle that  is nearly 70 years old you after adapt it for the present by Welsh owner.

AMPLE AMPS with Mikuni carbs & starter motor.

Modern stopping power.

This VINCENT likes to travel far & wide.

Seems HRD people THRIVE on JUGS of BEER.

Bye for now from the JUG TEAM.