BMW Mid Week and Barn Farm

Bit of a damp start to the Mid Week at Llandovery but it did brighten up.

Awaiting WIne-O-Clock time.
RS and GS
Some find these expensive to own and run, scooters have not be BMW’s forte.
Now that is a tight fit.

There was one BMW outfit that didn’t make it, Michael suffering the dreaded burning smell of his wiring loom. But he did make it to Barn Farm, but on the Solo Mystic.

Birchover – Derbyshire Heritage
Michael’s Mystic
Phil’s perfectly turned out Air Head
If it is not needed, bin it to make the bike lighter.
You never know what you will find in someone’s front garden

And if you need to visit a pub, take a walk past the 9 ladies stone circle to Stanton in Peak and call in at Come & Visit Us | The Flying Childers Inn a cracking pub, good food and dare I say a superb pint of ABK Hell