Fed Annual Sidecar Rally 2022

or 3 Outfits and 3 Grand children

This years annual had a great atmosphere and it was a chilled out weekend, I did have one issue, that was finding my way back to the tent on Friday night. I blame the gin…..

First job in the morning was to open Mark’s sidecar as the opening mechanism had fell off inside the chair.
Tall Pete on a long Trike.
International Rescue.

The run-out was well supported and arrived at the destination all together, must be a first, but it did get a little “Sticky” when the leader made a wrong turn adding a few miles to the run.

The run-out leader “Sticky John”
The Fly Banana with Ryan the pilot for the weekend.

Tail end Charlie, well Nick really.

Just the time and weather for a water fight.

But when we arrived at Southam on Thursday it was quite wet.

Some of the pictures on here are taken by this young lady.

Here are a few of the awards.

Adult silly games, Ryan
and keeping it in the family, children’s silly games, James.
Youngest Ralliest, Rachel
Club Turnout award South Yorks
Oldest British Outfit, Pete.
Canterbury Cup, Ryan, Helen and Dickie, “Two Yams and a Banana”
Rally runner up and Highway code test, Michael.
Overall Rally Winner and Driving Test, Dickie.
Finally Best Outfit Sally and Stuart.

So that was it for another year, the run home was going well until Bristol where we was parked on the M5 for around 40 mins because of an earlier accident. Then when we did arrive home the Flying Banana had an oil leak from the rear diff. Another job, another story.

Thanks to all who organised and help put on a really good event.