London Motorcycle Museum 2011

Myself & Steve took a chance while at the ACE CAFE on the 2nd April to visit leafy suburbia in London at the

The gang way at the LMM.
A real legend, made in Cleakheaton West Yorkshire and the NEW Panther to be made in Canada

The RAC salute!

Army Dispatcher Rider.

A CUT AWAY Triumph.

Steve McQueen “On any Sunday”

Brough Superior & sidecar took leading roles in “Dads Army” & “George & Mildred

The last Triumph to come out of Meridian?

More Triumphs

Sidecar corner.

The scene is the M40 south of Birmingham, heading north for home when l must have pick up some motorway debris (70 mph) which cause a rapid deflation in the sidecar tyre and pulling to the left of the outfit and the hard shoulder came up very quickly.

No chance to REPAIR the tyre, it was a little shredded!

So l came home with a recovery man. Ride safe in 2011. Michael