Cherrywood pow wow

Next year it will be £25 cheaper to attend, why, because this outfit will be over 40 years old and will not be subject to ULEZ fees. Don’t worry they will come up with something like, “Ammo Box modification tax” or ” odd wheel tax”.

Day visitor

Honda, the “Dullsville or should I say Deauville they seem to go for ever, dull they may be but a dam good bike.

With Velorex sidecar attached. Nice wheel mod with brake.

This ST1100 and Palma was also a day vistor.

We found the Royal Opera House on our walk to find a local hostelry.

I forgot to ask the owner, was the rear light cluster on the sidecar the standard fit for the Sovereign Sidecar.

An Indian outfit arrived for a pow wow, must have seen our smoke signals.

Yes, it is an Indian badged Royal Enfield. Not quite as standard as went it was exported to the USA but still in very nice condition with the engine sounding and running perfect.

The bonfire and smoke signals, nothing like a big log or two to keep the fire going all night.