Dogdyke 2

by Roy

I recently went to Dogdyke Pumping Station They have a day there where classic vehicles are displayed.  Quite a lot of people looked at the Can-am.

I remember that the Tri-Anglia Wheels Sidecar Club had a ride out here from East Kirkby.  The steam engine installed in 1856 is still going. 

There is also a diesel back up motor as well.  Peter one of the scooter riders I know has worked on the diesel They get free diesel fuel supplied as this machine is an emergency back up unit in case of severe flooding, the diesel pump is 80 years old!

Thanks for the report Roy, FREE diesel, they will have a queue of Chelsea Tractors trying to fill up…..

It was 2014 when we visited last Roy, remember this monkey.

This sidecar outfit was at the bike meet, now that is a camping sidecar.

And it was a hot one. Remembering the late Two Cakes Ray enjoying a small ice cream with Skippy.

and here you are Roy with another of our dear departed friends, Rebo, oh, and that monkey again.