Whitwell Station

Saw this bike at a recent bike night at Whitwell Station Norfolk.  Looks to be a collection of parts from different era’s.   I thought the revolver on the back was a nice addition.  No parking tickets for this bloke, eh? Traffic wardens beware!!  Anyone know what it is?  Bag of Jelly babies for the winner.    

 We also clocked some very nice outfits

including one delightful old BSA with tradesman box sidecar which still had all its original dirt on it!   

The owner had plenty of time to pose with his machine for a picture.  He wasn’t going anywhere.  He’d got a flat rear tyre and had called the AA on a Friday night to come and rescue him.   I suspect he’s still there.    

I had a rare Saturday off the other day and went to a day meet for them ole Harley things In Cambridgeshire. I never realised how small my old outfit was until I parked next to this Behemoth. 

I could have put my outfit in his sidecar.   Apparently the sidecar has been added to cart the dog about, but he can’t come to bike do’s as he barks at other bikes!!    Steve of Kings Lynn