MCN Show 2019

by Roy and Chris, pics by Sid, Roy and Dickie

Well done to Devitt / Motor Cycle News for organising an action-packed weekend at The Peterborough Showground, just off the A1. It is well signposted and easy to find. I rode in on Saturday morning, arriving just after 08.00. All traffic movement on site stops at 08.30. Luckily Tri-Anglia Wheels had the same plot as last year so I found it easily.

The Fed and the Fenland and London Sidecar Clubs had stands just opposite. The Hedingham Sidecar Club was on the same road, but farther away. Club stands are a big part of this motorcycling festival and over 40 clubs were booked in. These clubs cover a huge range of different types of machines.

Other than on the sidecar club stands I spotted only one other road-going outfit on display. Fancy a test ride on a different bike?? There were over 100 different models to choose from. Apparently this is Europe’s biggest test fleet.

There is no charge for this test ride, but you do need to book up early, and you need to bring your own riding kit and your driving licence. Talking to a couple of riders whilst I was having a cup of coffee, they told me that they each had been on three ride-outs during the morning and that they had two more rides booked for the afternoon. If you had no licence or had not ridden before this was not a problem; Kawasaki and Yamaha brought along some 125 cc machines for people to try. I watched one lady having a go – apparently she had never ever even ridden a push bike so balancing a motorcycle gave her a few problems; she fell off several times but the instructor was very calm and she kept trying!!

There is something going on all over the weekend, from stunt riding displays, including Steve Colley, whose Trials display was located opposite the Tri-Anglia Wheels’ display.

The MCN stage had music sessions split up by interviews with Shakey, Foggy, Dougie Lampkin and Chris Walker – these guys were good. On my first walk around I completely missed seeing Matt and Reese, the two lads who rode a Honda 300 cc scooter outfit around the world.

They had a bit of a clutch problem and borrowed a few spanners from us.

Cross threaded bolt £$%%^^&
It’s out at last.
It is well broken lads
Charlie sends up another clutch out of the old engine via mum and dad and it lives again.
See them at the FED annual Rally

Martyn and Dickie helped them to put the replacement clutch back in the bike. They later came over to the Tri-Anglia Wheels site to say thanks and to have a chat with us.

Matt on Dickie’s scooter outfit.

With all shows like this there are many trade stands with the usual bargains; I spotted one two-piece riding suit with the price knocked down from £600 to only £199. The stall holders must originally have had a big mark up on some of their goods, but there were some good bargains available. Lots of major bike manufacturers had display stands;

I felt that Ducati had the biggest presence on the showground. 

They have their “Enduro Experience”, which lets you try out the off-road capabilities; they have test bikes to ride and another static display of machines plus, finally, one of the best owner’s club stands. It was also nice to see smaller makers’ stand, like Royal Enfield and Herald, and Zero, with their electric machines, here.

For people camping on Friday night there was live music and speedway action, and on Saturday night there was more music and more racing.

On Sunday there was a similar programme to Saturday, but without the evening’s entertainment. This is a great action-packed weekend, with plenty to do and see – or you can just relax with friends and watch the world go by. Well done to the organisers, and roll on next year’s show.

Who is the owner?
Lord Greystoke is simply outclassed by another pensioner.
A “Snack-et” plus 3 flap jacks and carrot cake (you must have your daily veg) before pasty time.
Can’t see the canvas so that will be fine.
Put the Kettle on luv.
A bunch of oldies
Big display from the VSOC
The Moose Bar.
It now has a picnic box were you can warm ya pasty’s