The Long Ride Home


by  Roy  and  Chris

This book is written by Nathan Millward, in which he tells story of a ride home from Sydney, Australia, on a Honda motorbike based on the C90 model that is used by postman over there.

Nathan was in Australia and whilst there he met a girl speed dating;  they got on well together and subsequently Nathan returned to England.  After a few months he went back to see her;  everything went well until he tried to get an extension to his visa, when the nice person in the office said “no extension” and told him that he had 20 days in which to leave the country.

Panic stations!!  He had thought about riding home, but needed a bike that he could afford.  He bought a “postie” bike  –  these are only available second-hand when the post office sells them off.  The engine failed on the first one, but he got luckier with the second one  –  money had been spent on it and it would cover 200 miles on a tankful of petrol.

The bike is named Dorothy, and the engine size is just 105 cc.  Nathan set off with very little planning and no preparation  –  he just went!!  He covered 23,000 miles through 18 countries on the trip. 

He has a humorous style of writing.  There are over 200 pages of the written word plus 30 pages of photos with several pictures to a page.

This is an excellent read and should cost you only £10.

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