2022 Swaton Show

by Roy

This village show has got going again after two years due to the pandemic. With over 400 vintage classic cars, motorcycles, tractors, trucks and stationary engines on display there is always plenty to see.

Joss Bourne runs the motorcycle section and he has a very able team of guys to help him run this group. The show is held on the last Sunday in June, but work starts on Friday setting up, Saturday the traders arrive and some exhibitors. Some of these exhibitors take part in a vehicle road run on Saturday afternoon this is something fairly new at this show.

Sunday is the show day and when Joss first saw the size of the field that they use now he thought that they would never fill it but they do, He was a very happy chap when 126 bikes etc turned up this is a record for the show. When Joss first took over this section they had 28 motorcycles on display, it just shows how the show has grown over the years. He has set his heart on 150 bikes on display next year. Somebody has told him that hopefully some scooters will arrive to make the number up.

One outfit turned up, a Kwaker and Squire QM, the outfit rider and son were on the bike, daughter and dog travelled in the chair, his wife rode in on her solo. Normally at this show there was a regular group of 4/5 outfits on display, however age has caught up with us, John Askham and the South Yorkshire club came a few times which gave a nice display of sidecars. Instead, we had 4 full size trikes and my pint size one to look at.

Something different that caught my eye was a Bond Ranger van, the owner’s party piece was turning the steering wheel which turned the engine and front wheel together so on hard lock the inside rear wheel would stay on the same spot, with the Bond doing a circle.

This Bond was powered by a Villiers motorcycle engine of 250 cc the owner told me that it runs happily at 45 mph but will do 50 mph if asked. Having a Villiers engine, it comes complete with a kick start so if the battery fails you open the bonnet and kick, this surprised a few onlookers.

This is an excellent village show, with a bar, tea tent, refreshments, craft tent, trade stands and exhibitions and for the children rides and games. Two wood carvers with chain saws gave displays of their skills and the results were up for sale. With over 400 cars; lorries etc to look at there is plenty to see. Live music was played during the afternoon with a total of 5 bands taking part. Earlier in the day, there was a well-supported dog show. During the afternoon the World Egg Throwing championships took place again with teams coming from far and wide. Egg Throwing started at this show in 2004 and has proved very popular but sometimes a little messy.

This is a great village show plenty to see and do, money raised by the show goes to charities, over £100,000 has been raised since the show started. This show is just south of Sleaford, Lincolnshire just off the A 52 and not that far from Grantham and Lincoln itself. Well done to all the committee, everyone who exhibited, all the traders and volunteers and everybody who turned up on the day to make it a real success.