Kettlewell Camp

It’s a very good feeling to meet up with Martyn again after many months of being FURLOUGH by our BORIS. Someone has a senior moment and forgets his tent pegs, milk, tooth brush and tooth paste, breakfast cereal, good job Paul’s carer is on duty.

Friday pm.

1.  The Blue Bell Inn, Kettlewell |

Must be HAPPY HOUR at 16.00pm ( Missing 2 amigos to help us out )

The Footbolt Shiraz 2017 – d’Arenberg

BMW Yorkshire – Home – The BMW Club

Saturday morning, we take to the North Yorkshire Dales.

North Yorkshire Dales wet road.

A dale valley refreshment parking place.

Now back at the campsite Saturday pm. and from the site you can gain access to

Kettlewell –

The grave ROCK head stones with metal plaque.

kettlewell (st. mary) churchyard – Commonwealth War Graves

The Meadow Labyrinth in the church grounds.

BMW R/45

Northwest Blood Bikes Lancashire & Lakes :


Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1951) REMASTERED 

Another FLYING DUTCH LADY that’s got    Itchy Boots | Travel & Adventure Blog

Micheal enjoying a Gin and Tonic and after a few more outings he will get the hang of this camping lark! Just make sure you have a few spare tent pegs for those senior moments.

Bye for now from North Yorkshire Dales.