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From 28 September it looks like we will have to display a UK sticker rather than a GB one.

The GB sticker has been in use for 111 years, but while it is technically valid for Northern Irish cars taken abroad, that country is not part of the geographical island of Great Britain ( Brexit and the sausage).

Apparently, the UK Government has written to the United Nations to effect the change, stating: “The United Kingdom is changing the distinguishing sign that it had previously selected for display in international traffic on vehicles registered in the United Kingdom, from “GB” to “UK” and this change will take effect on 28 September 2021.”

The switch from GB to UK stickers comes only months after the government unveiled a new GB number plate with a Union Flag. This replaced the previous so called ‘Euro’ plate, (stars of the European Union with the letters GB).

The switch to UK signifiers, means drivers with the new GB plates will have to either change their plates, or affix an additional UK sticker to their vehicles from September.

Unlike the soon-to-be-invalid GB plates, which were heralded by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps in January, the switch to UK signifiers was not formally announced by the Government. Apparently, it was spotted as a footnote in UN regulations by the AA.


Motorcyclists are being refused the opportunity to take their test on an Electric Motorcycle.

Same old story, one rule for bikes and one rule for cars.–and-passes–in-electric-car

They need to get their heads out of the sand, so to speak as it needs to be sorted, as according to the government Electric vehicles will be the norm, and why someone can’t take there test on a Electric Motorcycle, is quite frankly ludicrous.

The above is the current DVSA list of motorcycles that can be used for A and A2

And you can’t even take ya test on one of these due to it doesn’t meet the power requirements.


New Sidecar Outfit to hit the UK

A new sidecar Outfit looks to be coming to the UK CHANGJIANG (

Phone courtesy of Changjiang Europe

You can take a look at F2 Motorcycles website Chang Jiang from F2 Motorcycles Ltd to get the current information.

So why should we get a little excited, well, it is huge leap forward compared to the Ural, a liquid cooled DOHC 8 valve twin, producing over 60 hp and it has a Bosch EFI system, plus linked disc brakes on every wheel. If the pricing is cheaper than the Ural, one has to say, why buy a Ural when you can have one of these. With other manufacturers hell bent of making the fuel tanks smaller and smaller it is nice to see it has a 20lt tank. More information will, I am sure appear on F2’s website.

長江750代表一个時代,曾在中國摩托車史上畫出濃墨重彩的一筆,它是影响了幾代人的經典車型。這種古老的設計元素和粗糙生硬的駕駛感受依然受到車迷追捧。 – YouTube

More alert than the Ural on the road, not only does the Chang-Jiang turn more flat, it brakes better and also shows more dynamic engine level. For mainly road use, it is the one to choose!” The only fault was the low silencers, that is if you wish to mainly ride off road, then I think a small mod to raise them wouldn’t be a issue. Take a look at the link below for the full report.