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Sidecars in films keep popping up, the family went and watched the latest Ghostbusters film, Frozen Empire. While it doesn’t get much screen time the Ecto-C, a motorcycle and sidecar combo can be seen in the ‘Gear Up’ spot. It appears to be an old Harley Davidson, possibly a Police FLP with a sidecar.

The sidecar looks very familiar, the scuttle / screen lifts up, but the chassis I can’t recognise, then again they did modify the chassis on the sidecars used for Harry Potter.

This picture above has been mirrored from an original promotion picture of Watsonian Sidecars and they do have several on their Website, I can see why, it looks so well put together. Here is a link to Watsonian Sidecars

Like I said previous, the actual sidecar body does look, should I say, familiar with the Ecto-C in the film.

Here are some links for you to look at.

GHOSTBUSTERS: FROZEN EMPIRE | ‘Team Up’ TV Spot | Sony Pictures | ghostbusters frozen empire trailer ( about 42 secs into the trailer.


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