Happy Chappy 6

Recently the sixth “Happy Chappy” event took place in Sleaford Lincolnshire.  This is organised by the local scooter club the “All-Knighters” and raises money for local children with Downs Syndrome.  Seventy scooters turned up for the event some had travelled eighty miles to get there.  This year Dave Brown was the only rider to come on his outfit, some years ago he used to race scooter outfits.

The club run the event in honour of Nicky Reeves who suffered from Downs.  He was adopted by the All-Knighters they even made his mobility scooter look the part.  Lots of local clubs joined in with the annual ride-out.  A raffle was held this and also donations went to help children in the “Lincolnshire Downs Syndrome Support Group”

This is a popular event; held and supported by the Barge and Bottle pub in Sleaford.  I look forward to next year when it will take place again.