Airhead Association

For the The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend 2022l find myself only 30miles from home  at  a very highpoint in Derbyshire the Derbyshire and Lancashire Gliding Club contest (1949)

BMW R/50 with numerous levels patina.

“The Buckinghamshire Three” came by two on a sidecar. With third one spending most of the Bank Holiday working on his BMW TROUBLE YOU.

A very pristine R90S from Wales.

ISDT  R86 GS Siebenrock Part1_1960_ISDT.mpg – YouTube BMW 1960 ISDT.

Thursday evening, we settle into the scene at the Camphill Farm Glider Club and are very well look after by the staff. Friday morning at 09.30 am prompt the RUNS leave for the Derbyshire, Stafford Peaks and l ride back home to source some parts for BUCKS BMW TROUBLE YOU. Leaving the “BUCKS THREE”  to all PILE onto the OUTFIT  to take part in the RUN. When at home l received a TEXT for MZ Harry and he joins me for the return ride. 

Time for a MZ FLYING VISIT and a BANANA. After Harry leaves l take a walk to the Highest Pub in Derbyshire.

The Barrel Inn: Barrel Inn Home Page – Friday evening in the Glider Club talks/films are about the building of the ISDT R 86 GS Siebenrock. Then a talk by a young Jason of South Africa about rebuilding a BMW R90S while he was working at MINE in desert area of SA at a COOL 42 centigrade!! Now he and his Wife are suffering EXTREME HYPOTHERMIA while camping in Derbyshire in our FLAMING JUNE WEATHER!!!

Saturday morning more TROUBLE for the “Bucks Three“  now the VALVE STEM  ripped out of the TUBE on the outfit.

This very DAPPER GENTLEMAN from HARTLEPOOL beside his R90/6 for start off the RUN on Saturday.

Saturday the gathering for the run.

Saturday mid-morning another visitor to see me OUR MAN FROM WALKDEN and we take a very steep downhill stroll to   Queen Anne Inn traditional pub, Great Hucklow After the run returns on Saturday the decision is take to curtail the event and we all pack up now with the weather-cast for the Sunday camping at over 1,000 feet!! just DIRE!!! So l head for home to catch up with Watch Queen Elizabeth’s Short Film with Paddington Bear

Bye for now and keep on GLIDING.