Bomber Command

The International Bomber Command Centre

by Roy

This centre is in Lincoln and is a first-class facility remembering the efforts of Bomber Command during WW2, it is well worth a visit. This centre was opened to the public in January 2018. John Askham and members of the South Yorkshire S C were having a ride in, so I rode in as well, I had not seen John for a couple of years the last time being at Woodhall Spa.

John and the riders turned up on a nice group of outfits. One outfit I spotted the owner had spent some time on was a Triumph and Squire, the sidecar looked just like new. Having got there the club were after a cuppa tea and a bite to eat, The restaurant / cafe does good food at a fair price. Luckily there was a table that would take the seven of us. We timed breakfast well, as it poured hard with rain for several minutes.

With this centre there is an exhibition hall that you pay to go into, this costs £ 8-50 for OAPs this can cover for just one visit or if you wish you can sign up and you get free visits for a year. The centre has a huge digital archive of nearly 1,500 personal stories. The rest of your visit is free, and you do not pay to park if you arrive on a motorcycle. There is an excellent team of volunteer tour guides, and having finished breakfast we spotted Sam. We enquired when the next tour would take place, he looked at his watch and said ” ten minutes “

The tours start at the main entrance and last for half an hour or so. Sam escorted the South Yorks club which was nice as some groups can get large. All of the tour guides have certain facts about the centre that they have to use, but then they are free to develop their own style of tour. I have been on these tours three times and you learn something new every time. The metal spire on site is a work of art this went up first then they started work on the building. There is so much to see here that you would need a full day here.

The centre has special event days, some of these are free they can get busy but well worth the ride, luckily, I do not live that far away and I often pop in for a snack and a drink. The centre is open Tuesday to Sunday and open bank holidays.

For more details see— or phone 01522 514755