Marston Trussell

On the 19th of August l find myself in the village of Marston Trussell for the 

Which was a two-day event.

A very tidy RE.

Then l spotted the Chang Jiang (Means Long River in Chinese)

Peking number plate.

Comes with box of spare parts and optional extra the umbrella.

Locals sitting on the CJ at the Great Wall of China with owner coming from the UK and after this epic journey he just left it in a shipping container in the UK and never registered the CJ for the road in the  UK. 

If you like DROP from the SKY with your motorcycle this model comes highly recommend.

Welbike –

9.Now to take you back to the year of 14th June 1645 near this village this happened.

Cromwell (1970) – The Battle of Naseby [HD] – YouTube

The River Welland After recent THUNDER STORMS the river was quite DEEP so decided not become the DUTY DIVER and took the second option.

My next river crossing was on the 2 September at Reedham Chain Ferry with the Cossacks.

 Bye for now from the River Chet.