Dnepr Pilgrimage

Before l depart on my “Dnepr Pilgrimage” l had a wonderful DOLLOP of SUPER STAN on the Friday evening show at Worksop.

Super Stan at Worksop.  Idris and some of the YOUNG STARS of SUPER STAN.

Saturday I ride into the KINGDOM of the   Kings and Queens of Wessex – Historic UK

Just GREAT to be back at Mayflower Pilgrim Rally again!!!

A few SHADES of BLUE for Blue Paul.

Not so BLUE outfit.

Just call me JAMES also winner of Best Bike at rally award.

Great to see my CLAN name on the Pub sign About – THE LANGLEY TAP

Pilgrims came from distant lands.

Local Ladies of the.  National Federation of Women’s Institutes | National … serving HOMEMADE CAKES to the Pilgrims.

Jerusalem – Centenary Annual Meeting at the Royal Albert Hall

Come Tuesday its back the DAY JOB of being the “Dnepr Trucker” moving RUBBLE to the local TIP.

 Bye for now from a Dnepr Pilgrim.