French Ural Revival

It’s very good to be BACK after 2 years of the PLAGUE.

1.Le Bois Nauf. 2. This local Village “GENDARME” does his BEAT at AM & PM and marks his spot by PEEING on Franks car!! The Bold Gendarmes – YouTube

3.Riding with the “Le Creuse Cruisers” and dinning in   Le Mont-Dore 4,5.  Volcanic France: exploring the unsung Auvergne region

Next my journey takes me west to a region of two languages.

6,7 The Sunday market in   The official website for Brittany Tourism

8.DKW/MZ Rider of the 1940s Musée de la Résistance en Bretagne à Saint-Marcel (56) 9,10. Josselin | Brittany tourism

11.The Breton Horse at Cellac 12.The local beach.

13,14. The local CULTURE scene and very proud Manger/Owner and his Cinema. Time to make tracks for home l have a date with a Heating Engineer for new gas boiler to be fitted.

A new port for me to sail from  Roscoff | Brittany tourism

15,16. Bye for now from Roscoff